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Baby-Doo Woven Wrap

Brand Name: Baby-DooWrap Name: Ocean Reviewed by: Sara StephensonSize of Wrap: Medium (4.4 Meters)Fabric Content: 100% Combed Cotton

What size is the wrappee? 4.5 years old, 42 inches, 36 lbs 2.5 years old, 40 inches, 40 lbs 10 weeks, 23 inches, 11 lbs

What were/are the exact measurements (ex: Length & Width):
Pre-Wash: n/a
Post-Wash: n/a

What was the weight of the wrap:
Pre-Wash: n/a
Post-Wash: n/a
What is the thickness of this wrap? I would say medium

Is the wrap being reviewed a reweave of another original release? If so please tell which version you have?
This is a standard line wrap

Does it have cush? It is so beautifully cushy! I want a blanket made out of it. It is perfectly soft and cushy for my newborn and also has enough cush to be comfortable on my shoulders when wearing my older kids. It molds really well around all of my children.

How does it feel on your shoulders? It felt marvelous on my shoulders thanks to the cushiness. I really loved this wrap.

How much diagonal stretch do…