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Natibaby Kurpie Sunset

Brand Name: Natibaby
Wrap Name: Kurpie Sunset

Reviewed by: Nina Naus
Size of Wrap: 7
Fabric Content: 50% Cotton, 50% Hemp

How long has this wrap been used by you? About 2 weeks

What size is the wrappee? 12 months, 27 inches, 23.5 pounds

What is the thickness of this wrap? medium 

Does it have cush? Ultimate cush, marshmallowy after a medium steam iron, and extremely moldable.
How does it feel on your shoulders? I have picky shoulders and this wrap is nothing short of an absolute dream. It is very wide so I was able to spread it on my shoulders to absorb a lot of the weight from the little.

How much diagonal stretch does the wrap have? on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most stretch. Kurpie is at about a 6. Because of this the wrap molded wonderfully around myself and baby.

How supportive did you find it in a single layer carry? Very supportive and toddler worthy

How supportive did you find it in a double layer carry? Extremely cuddly and supportive. Passes tighten very nicely.

Can you compare this wrap…