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Natibaby Fumus Burgunde

Brand Name: Natibaby

Wrap Name: Fumus Burgunde

Reviewed by: Sara Stobart

Size of Wrap: 6

Fabric Content: 13% Cashmere 87% Cotton

How long has this wrap been used by you?
3 weeks

What size is the wrappee?
12 months, 19lbs 5oz, 31.5 inches

What is the thickness of this wrap?

Does it have cush?
Because of it’s thinness, I wouldn’t say this wrap has marshmellowy cush. But it is like butter - you just can’t keep your hands off it - soft. Kitten belly soft! I found myself constantly rubbing LO’s tush and melting into this fabric. So perfect for a cool, fall day when you can slide your hands into the passes of a FWCC and bask in the warm, supple butter. Comfort at its finest.

How does it feel on your shoulders?
It honestly felt a little slippery at the shoulders. Still, I found it to be very supportive as long as I had a perfect wrap job.

How much diagonal stretch does the wrap have?
This wrap definitely has a bit of stretch. After wearing my toddler for an hour I did have to readjust to boost him back up. That being said, I never actually felt the wrap slipping and did not generally mind the stretching or adjusting at all.

How supportive did you find it in a single layer carry?
Surprisingly supportive.  

How supportive did you find it in a double layer carry?
If you can get past the slipperiness of the passes, this wrap truly shines in a double layer carry. My toddler happily hung out in a DH for over an hour while pumpkin patching in this wrap and I never felt an ache. The outer pass ended up slipping up over his bum and I had to readjust. That may have been due to the wrapper wrapping without a mirror, though, rather than the wrap itself!

Can you compare this wrap to another wrap already on the market?
Honestly, no. I have never tried a cashmere blend before so this wrap is unlike any other I have seen. It is definitely thinner than all the Tekhnis I have tried and doesn’t have the stability of the Indios but it is far softer and more airy than them all! Seriously guys, this wrap is holy smokes soft! Velvety, silky, feathery soft!

Who do you think this wrap would best be geared to?
Advanced babywearers because it requires a really good wrap job to be truly comfortable for longer periods. I think it is more geared toward babies but I found it to be surprisingly supportive for my toddler, as well.

Would you recommend this wrap to a friend? Why? What did you love about it?
Absolutely. I loved the color and the design. Its really perfect for fall and winter, boys and girls. Very versatile. I loved the subtle colorblocking. It made it very easy to distinguish between top and bottom rail, thus easier to wrap with. Plus it’s just cool. Oh and did I mention that this wrap is soft? To die for. Wanna sleep with it. Every night.

Please tell us a little more about yourself:
I have only been babywearing for a year. I started with my son, Cameron the day we came home from the hospital. I am a SAHM mom so I wear VERY often. I also nanny for two other babies. Another toddler and a squish. So someone is always strapped to me. I would say I’ve probably sampled around 40-50 wraps. I’ve just fallen in love with the whole world. Down the rabbit hole I go!

This wrap is similar to Natibaby Swallows Burgunde with cashmere as well. 


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