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How to make your woven wrap soft and floppy, otherwise known as breaking it in

You just received your wrap, but it's not as soft, floppy and cuddly as you were hoping for? Don't despair!  We'll help you get that wrap buttery soft and floppy! Okay, how do you get it to change? There are several tried and true methods, but the simple answer....break down the fibers by moving them.   Friction against them will wear them down. When you first get your wrap, give it a wash and dry  (following the washing instructions per blend)  This step will dramatically change the wrap right away and you'll notice that it's not as stiff. Give it a steam iron, or two or three (depending on the fiber) Steam ironing will break the fibers down quickly.  I've also noticed that when I steam iron it width wise it helps more then when I steam iron it moving the iron from side to side. That may just be my little quirk of mine though... Pull it through sling rings,if you have them.   If not create a loop and pull the rest of
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Natibaby Natigo: Babywearing made simple yet stylish

Natibaby Natigo:  A simple, yet stylish babywearing option There are many different baby carriers available, what makes the Natibaby Natigo stand out? Quick - Takes less than a minute to get your little one up  Easy - This baby carrier doesn't take a lot of time and patience to learn how to use it.   Which is perfect, because as a parent...who has any time?   Just a few easy steps: buckle it on your waist, place baby in position,   put the shoulder straps up and buckle it. Comfort - Whether your just making a quick run into the store, or your going to be out all day with your little one; you can be sure that the Natigo will be comfortable and your arms and back won't be sore! Woven Fabric - Get the best of both worlds!  The beauty and durability of a woven wrap with the ease of a soft structured buckle carrier.  The Natigo comes in three different sizes. If you have any questions on sizing, please email us at

Layaway is available at Marsupial Mamas!

Marsupial Mamas is now offering layaway! Please note that layaway is not applicable towards Bargain Bin, Clearanced or Sale items Go to this link and fill out the form for the product that you'd like: Layaway You will get to select your down-payment percentage, as either 40 or 50%. Please note that your first payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. Depending on which percentage you put down, you'll either have one payment due within two weeks, or two other payments due every two weeks. Once you fill out the form in the link above, we will send you and invoice for the downpayment. The down-payment is due within 24 business hours or the product will be put back on the shelves and the invoice will be cancelled.  You may pay the invoice with your PayPal account or your debit/credit card. If at any time you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email us: 

Kinderpacks are now at Marsupial Mamas!

Looking for a BABY CARRIER that's quick and easy to use? And SUPER COMFORTABLE TOO?  Look no further!  Kindercarry Kinderpacks are in stock and ready to ship! Many different patterns and sizes available.  Are you not sure what size you should get?  Check out this link:  Sizing

How to fix a Broken Thread in your woven wrap.

How to fix a broken thread in your woven wrap: If you have been following along with our series of  "How to care for your woven wrap" you will see that we are working our way down the list of common issues with woven wraps and the care for them. I hope that these have helped you along your way, and in your ownership of a woven wrap. This blog post will show you how to fix that dreaded and all too common broken thread, that so many fear. Please do not fear a broken thread!  One broken thread (even two or three) will not hurt you, your baby or the safety of the wrap. I will tell you later what would be a problem with broken threads in a woven wrap and what to look for. Ok, let's get started. First, grab your woven wrap and let's figure out what type of broken thread you're dealing with. Do you have two threads visible? If so, follow the first set of directions. This is a full broken thread and should be tied back together with one another. These threads

How to fix a pull in your woven wrap

How to fix a pull in a woven wrap      If you are just joining us. Welcome!!! Welcome to the best blog you will ever read, (hehe). We are currently doing a blog series called "How to care and fix that woven wrap of yours".  The first post was an introduction and gave you the run down on how to care for your woven wrap . From washing to ironing.      Our second post in this series was focused on "How to fix Thread Shifting" in a woven wrap. In that post I walked you thru both in photos and text how to treat and fix thread shifting.       Today we are going to focus on how to fix a pull in a woven wrap. A pull in a woven wrap is very common and to be honest so common it would be rare for someone not to have ever had one or get one during their babywearing journey. Pulls can very easily happen, anything from a broken nail to just taking it out of the package and it catching on just the right thing. Fixing a pull is a very tedious task and we are setting u