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Natibaby Marsupial Mamas Exclusive: Winter Elm

Brand Name:  Natibaby Wrap Name:  Marsupial Mamas Exclusive: Winter Elm Reviewed by: Sara Stobart Size of Wrap: 6 Fabric Content: 50% Cotton, 50% Linen What size is the wrappee? 15 months, 30 in, 21 lbs What were/are the exact measurements (ex: Length & Width): Pre-Wash: n/a Post-Wash: 478cm x 61cm What was the weight of the wrap: Pre-Wash: n/a Post-Wash: 255 g/m2 What is the thickness of this wrap? Medium-Thick Is the wrap being reviewed a reweave of another original release? If so please tell which version you have? It is the third version of Natibaby’s Exclusive Marsupial Mamas design. I have also tried both Autumn Blaze (50% Wool) and Cherry Tree (60% Linen). Does it have cush? If anything is going to make you love Winter is it this wrap! Winter Elm is incredibly moldable, fluffy and so easy to wrap with. I was pleasantly surprised! In hand, my first opinion was that it fe