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New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year from all of us at Marsupial Mamas!                  As the new year begins, there are many new and exciting things heading to Marsupial Mamas, LLC.  We will be expanding our product line, adding new designs, and we have many creative ideas!    Something new that you we are extremely excited about, is that Marsupial Mamas will now be offering Babywearing 101 classes, consultations, advanced classes, workshops and more!           As many of you know Jilliane and Tabitha have been teaching babywearing in their local areas for many years now.  And if any of you have had the privilege of being in one of their classes or have been taught at one of the expos, you definitely know that it's a passion  of theirs.  In early December they both were trained by the Center for Babywearing Studies! Be sure to follow our events on the Facebook page , to know where the Koala Mamas will be next! We'd love to hear from you!   Comment below and tell us