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2015 Wrap Releases

1-9-15 Natibaby Monsters Friendly (50% Cotton, 50% Linen)

1-12-15 Didymos Indio Orient w/Linen (60% Organic Cotton, 40% Organic Linen)

1-15-15 Natibaby Lumine Regia (70% Cotton, 30% Silk)

1-16-15 Didymos Blue Hemp Fish (50% Organic Cotton, 50% Hemp)

1-16-15 Natibaby Butterflies Eozyna (68% Cotton, 19% Ramie, 13% Silk)

1-20-15 Didymos Natural Hemp Pfau (50% Organic Cotton, 50% Organic Hemp)

1-22-15 Natibaby Dandelions Rosa (70% Cotton, 30% Silk)

1-23-15 Didymos Houndstooth Audrey Viola Petrol (100% Cotton)

1-27-15 Natibaby Flowerelli Peonies (70% Cotton, 30% Silk)

1-28-15 Natibaby Navires (70% Cotton, 30% Hemp)

1-29-15 Natibaby Cogs Teal (70% Cotton, 30% Hemp)

1-30-15 Natibaby Giraffes Verde (70% Cotton, 30% Hemp)

2-10-15 Natibaby Colibri Rosa (70% Cotton, 30% Linen)

2-13-15 Didymos Fiorentino (100% Cotton)

2-27-15 Didymos Red Dots w/Hemp (50% Cotton, 50% Hemp)

3-9-15 Didymos Matita/Pencil (100% Cotton)

3-12-15 Didymos Flower Life of Garnet (100% Cotton)

3-16-15 Didymos Shamrock Green Hemp (50% Cotton, 50% Hemp

3-19-15 Didymos 1975 Mystic Petrol Hemp (70% Cotton, 30% Hemp)

3-30-15 Didymos Magic Forest Jade (65% Cotton, 35% Linen)

3-31-15 Didymos Cherry Blossom Tussah (70% Cotton, 30% Tussah)

4-9-15 Didymos Lisca Lenz (100% Cotton)

4-9-15 Didymos Arancia (100% Cotton)

4-13-15 Didymos Indio Prism Linen (75% cotton, 25% Linen)

4-15-15 Didymos Indio Aqua Silk (70% Cotton, 30% Silk)

4-20-15 Didymos India Pepper (100% Cotton)

4-22-15 Didymos Indio Sunshine Hemp (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp)

4-30-15 Didymos Spring in Flanders (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp)

5-5-15 Didymos Kimata Antracite (100% Cotton)

5-14-15 Didymos Poppy Blossom (100% Cotton)

5-19-15 Didymos Kimata Azur (60% Cotton, 40% Linen)

5-21-15 Didymos One Color Red Poppy (100% Cotton)

5-26-15 Didymos Indio Azur Linen (75% Cotton, 25% Linen)

6-2-15 Didymos Indio Apple Linen (60% Cotton, 40% Linen)

6-5-15 Didymos Summer Dots (100% Cotton)

6-15-15 Didymos 1975 Blue Silk (70% Cotton, 30% Silk)

6-16-15 Didymos Shades of Blue (55% Cotton, 25% Hemp, 20% Linen)

6-19-15 Didymos Lisca Viola (100% Cotton)

6-22-15 Didymos Orange Summer (100% Cotton)

6-22-15 Didymos Indio Flamenco Hemp (Re-weave) (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp)

7-2-15 Didymos Prunella (50% Cotton, 50% Linen)

7-6-15 Didymos Indio Turquoise Hemp (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp) 

7-9-15 Didymos Indio Summer Breeze (100% Cotton)

7-15-15 Didymos Nautlius Acqua (100% Cotton)

7-24-15 Didymos Pink Dot Hemp (50% Cotton, 50% Hemp)

7-27-15 Didymos 1975 Nature Tussah (E.W) (70% Cotton, 30% Tussah Silk)

8-4-15 Didymos Indio North Shore (Re-weave) (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp)

8-5-15 Didymos Indio Morning Dew (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp)

8-30-15 Didymos Indio Fairy (RE-weave) (100% Cotton)

9-2-15 Didymos Venezia (100% Cotton)

9-2-15 Didymos  Indio Lila Hemp (RE-weave) (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp)

9-10-15 Didymos Amthyst (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp)

9-15-15 Didymos Indio Grande Pink (60% Cotton, 40% Hemp)

9-25-15 Didymos Autumn Peacock (100% Cotton)

9-28-15 Didymos Lemon-Nature

9-29-15 Didymos Indio Blue Hemp

10-2-15 Didymos Indio Grande (100% Organic Cotton)
10-6-15 Didymos Indio Smeralda (100% Cotton)
10-7-15 Didymos Indio Blackberry (60% Cotton, 40% Wool)
10-12-15 Didymos Indio Grass Hemp 2015 (60 % Organic Cotton, 40 % Hemp)
10-14-15 Didymos Indio Cashmere Marrone (60% Cotton, 40% Cashmere)
10-15-15 Didymos Viola Azzuro Linen (70% Cotton, 30% Cotton)
10-19-15 Didymos Zebrano (100% Org. Cotton)


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