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Kokadi Mary Poppins, Bonded Weave

Brand Name: Kokadi Wrap Name: Mary Poppins Reviewed by: Jenn Carter Size of Wrap: 7 Fabric Content: 100% Cotton Bonded Weave: The Bonded (connected) is a brand new weave on the sling market.   This was specially developed by Kokadi.  The benefits: Sling fabrics that overlap  The special advantage is that the woven layers are only connected to one another at the points where the patterns were woven.   How long has this wrap been used by you? 2-3 weeks What size is the wrappee? 18 months, 23 lbs, 33 inches .   What is the thickness of this wrap? medium thin wrap Does it have cush? Oh Yes! Completely soft and moldable. It actually took me by surprise when wearing it. For a wrap of it’s thinness I wasn’t expecting the comfort and fluffiness that I felt. How does it feel on your shoulders? My wrappee was in a single layer, ruck for about 10 minutes and my shoulders felt great. When I got him into a BWCC I felt as though I co