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How to make your woven wrap soft and floppy, otherwise known as breaking it in

You just received your wrap, but it's not as soft, floppy and cuddly as you were hoping for? Don't despair!  We'll help you get that wrap buttery soft and floppy! Okay, how do you get it to change? There are several tried and true methods, but the simple answer....break down the fibers by moving them.   Friction against them will wear them down. When you first get your wrap, give it a wash and dry  (following the washing instructions per blend)  This step will dramatically change the wrap right away and you'll notice that it's not as stiff. Give it a steam iron, or two or three (depending on the fiber) Steam ironing will break the fibers down quickly.  I've also noticed that when I steam iron it width wise it helps more then when I steam iron it moving the iron from side to side. That may just be my little quirk of mine though... Pull it through sling rings,if you have them.   If not create a loop and pull the rest of