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Marsupial Mamas Newest Exclusive: Every Drop Counts

We are very excited to announce our newest  Natibaby   exclusive with a very special meaning behind it. Every Drop Counts  (Designed by Sara Abrams)  100% Cotton, woven in turquoise and gray. This wrap honors the struggles and victories of women committed to providing every drop of breast milk possible to their babies despite the many medical and anatomical causes of low milk supply. The group behind this design is called IGT and Low Milk Supply Support Group which can be found on Facebook. 10% of every wrap purchased will be donated to MOBI Motherhood International. MOBI Motherhood Intl. is a non-profit organization committed to research, advocacy, education, and support for mothers with extraordinary circumstances that hinder or prevent the breastfeeding relationship. Its goal is to promote the support of mothers with extreme breastfeeding issues, with our online support groups, and with education and