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Fidella Fly Tai

Brand Name: Fidella Wrap Name: Fly Tai Reviewed by: Sara Stobart Size of Wrap: One Size Fits All! Fabric Content: 100% Organic Cotton How long has this wrap been used by you? 6 weeks What size is the wrappee? 21 months, 34 in, 22 lbs What were/are the exact measurements (ex: Length & Width): Pre-Wash: n/a Post-Wash:  Width at Base of Panel : 17.5in, cinches to 8in Width at Top of Panel: 11.5in, cinches to 5in Panel Height: 19in, cinches to 10in Waist Band: 4.5in wide x 75in long Shoulder Straps: 3in wide padded (opens up to 11.5in of fabric) X 86in long What was the weight of the wrap: Pre-Wash: n/a Post-Wash: n/a What is the thickness of this wrap? Medium, with Very Thick 100% Polyester padded straps and waistband Is the wrap being reviewed a reweave of another original release? If so please tell which version you have? This is Fidella’s Wrap Conversion Mei Tai (WCMT). It i