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Diva Milano Barocco Lions

Brand Name:  Diva Milano Wrap Name:  Barocco Lions - Blu Reviewed by: Tressa Smith Size of Wrap: 7 Fabric Content: 100% Cotton How long has this wrap been used by you? 6 weeks What size is the wrappee? 6 months, 18 lbs 7 oz, 26 inches / 3.5 years, 31 pounds, 3 feet 3 inches (39 inches) What were/are the exact measurements (ex: Length & Width): Pre-Wash: unknown Post-Wash: 5.2m, .76m wide (30 in) What was the weight of the wrap (ex: g/m^2): Pre-Wash: Post-Wash: 198 g/m2 What is the thickness of this wrap? thin Does it have cush? Being all cotton this wrap has some moldability. It is thin but wide and the width layered on my shoulders gave me some cushiness. How does it feel on your shoulders? I was comfortable and I did not feel any diggyness with the baby or the toddler on my shoulders. How much diagonal stretch does the wrap have? There is a little diagonal stretch to this all

Natibaby Marsupial Mamas Exclusive: Autumn Blaze

Brand Name:  Natibaby Wrap Name:  Marsupial Mamas Exclusive Autumn Blaze Reviewed by: Sara Stobart Size of Wrap: 6 Fabric Content: 50% Merino Wool, 50% Cotton What size is the wrappee? 15 months, 30 in, 20lbs What is the thickness of this wrap? Thick Does it have cush? Look up cush in the dictionary - it probably says Autumn Blaze. This is the cushiest wrap I have ever wrapped with! Marshmallowy soft. Super moldable! Nice grip! How does it feel on your shoulders? At first wrap I had a difficult time with the shoulders. There seemed to be so much fabric I just couldn’t get it to sit comfortably. The wrap kept slipping off my shoulders. Then I tried sandwiching and it did a world of difference! It folded beautifully and felt so comfortable. Perfect weight distribution. Awesomely fluffy! How much diagonal stretch does the wrap have? I would classify this wrap as medium stretchiness. How supportiv

Flight of the Butterflies

"Butterflies, they are like dream flowers, childhood dreams, which have broken loose from their stalks and escaped into the sunshine. Air and angels..." The fanciful Butterflies design, one of the many classics from Natibaby. Originally made in 2009, the Butterflies wrap has been woven twenty three times and in 5 different blends since! Come with us as we take a look at the journey that these carefree creatures have traveled. Please travel with us and share a picture of your Natibaby Butterflies wrap in the comments January 16, 2015 Butterflies Eozyna 68% Cotton, 19% Ramie, 13% Silk January 3, 2014 Butterflies Plum 70% Cotton, 30% Hemp December 1, 2013 Butterflies Lagoa 70% Cotton, 30% Linen   October 21, 2013 Butterflies Adavi 70% Cotton, 30% Wool January 31, 2013 Butterflies Blue-Yellow 70% Cotton, 30% Linen January 31, 2013 Butterflies Old Rose 70% Cotton, 30% Linen September 27, 2012 Butterflies B

Breaking in a woven wrap

You just received your wrap, but it's not as soft, floppy and cuddly as you were hoping for? Don't despair! I remember when I purchased my first woven wrap years ago, after wrapping with a Moby for awhile.  I was a bit shocked at how crunchy and stiff it was.  I almost gave up on wrapping, thinking that it wasn't for me (lol, imagine that!)  At the time, I had no wrapper friends locally so I'd never felt what a woven wrap was supposed to feel like and I was disappointed to be quite honest.  Long story short, I sold that woven and purchased an old used Didymos Paul.  It was love at first feel!  Paul was everything I dreamt woven wraps would be, moldable, cuddly and soft like a baby blanket. I started purchasing other wovens and found that I really enjoyed the "breaking in" process of it.  It's interesting to see how the fibers and the tactile of the threads change throughout time. Okay, but how do you get it to change? There are several

Natibaby Milori

Brand Name: Natibaby Wrap Name: Milori Reviewed by: Nina Naus Size of Wrap: 6 Fabric Content: 100% Cotton Take 15% off Milori now thru 1/11/15 with the code:  PixieHollow How long has this wrap been used by you? 1 week What size is the wrappee? 23lbs, 29 inches, 14 months old What is the thickness of this wrap? Medium thin Does it have cush? Believe it or not this wrap is cushy and soft. It molds so nicely to the wrapper and baby. Not to mention how solid this wrap it. It’s not marshmalloy or pillowy, but when doubled over it’s very nice on the shoulders. How does it feel on your shoulders? This was very nice and flat on my shoulders due to the thin nature. It was easily spread out or doubled over while wrapping. How much diagonal stretch does the wrap have? Milori does not have a lot of stretch, but I would assume with some more time to break in it might develop more stretch