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How to wash a wool woven wrap.

Wool wraps have become some of my favorite to use throughout the years.   For a long time, I was scared of wool and wasn't sure how to care for it.  Once I realized that it really wasn't hard to wash the wool wraps, I jump right on into that rabbit hole and I'm so thankful that I did! We hope you enjoy this step by step picture tutorial and enjoy wrapping your little one in the softest, cushiest woven wrap blend.  Looking for a wool wrap?  You'll find them here:   Woolies Choose your wool wrap and a safe wool wash. The one I have here is called Eucalan. Follow directions and add the correct amount for what you are washing. I add one cap full for one smaller wrap. Add your wrap to tepid water. Make sure it is fully in the water. You can swirl it around a few times.  Let it sit for 15 mins. Drain the water while the wrap is still in the tub. Once all the water is gone, squeeze the wrap to get as much water out that you ca