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The Marsupial Family

Ever wonder who's behind Marsupial Mamas?

~Jennifer (still trying to figure this one out)
~Tabitha (Our Nati Expert)
~Jilliane (Our Didy Expert)

Hi!! I'm Jilliane. I'm a wife, and mother to five children ages 17-2. I started babywearing 17 years ago with my first son. However, I fell down the rabbit hole when my 4th child was born. I found I had a deep love and a passion for babywearing. I share this love by teaching other care givers the benefits that babywearing can provide. Marsupial-Mamas, has given me the ability to work in the babywearing industry and geek out on my love of textiles and to share all of this with others.
I am a Advanced Babywearing Educator with Babywearing International and former co-founder and President of BWI of Hampton Roads, VA. I am also Certified by the Center for Babywearing Studies.
When I'm not doing something babywearing related you can find me at the baseball field, the dance studio or enjoying my time with my family.

Tabitha (right) and I.

I'm Tabitha. I'm a wife, and mom to my three children ages 20, 17 and 7. I started wearing my son in a stretchy wrap which was perfect for the little baby snuggling. He had GI issues and wearing him helped a lot. I enjoyed using the stretchy wrap so much, that I decided to buy a woven wrap. From that point on I found a hobby in trying all different wovens and learning about their intricacies. Working for Marsupial Mamas, I am able to continue that love of textiles. Babywearing and Babywearing Education has become a great passion of mine and I really enjoy being able to help other caregivers find the love for babywearing. While it's a very rare occasion to wrap my youngest, I am still very active within the babywearing community. I am a Master Babywearing Educator with Babywearing International and former co-founder and President of BWI of North Central Illinois. I am also trained by the Center for Babywearing Studies. When I'm not doing something babywearing related you can find me reading a book, doing a puzzle, or just enjoying time with my family.

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