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Natibaby Rosetta Navy

Brand Name: Natibaby

Wrap Name: Rosetta Navy
(Rosetta Navy is sold out, but we do have Rosetta Amethyst which should be similar) 

Reviewed by: Sara Stobart

Size of Wrap: 7

Fabric Content: 60% Cotton, 40% Silk

How long has this wrap been 
used by you?
2 weeks

What size is the wrappee?
13 months, 20lbs, 32 inches

What were/are the exact measurements (ex: Length & Width):
Pre-Wash: 520 cm x 65cm
Post-Wash: 512cm x 64cm

What was the weight of the wrap (ex: g/m^2):
Pre-Wash: n/a

Post-Wash: n/a

What is the thickness of this wrap?
I’d say this wrap is on the thinner side.

Does it have cush?
This wrap is very moldable. Like putty in your hands. The passes glide ever so smoothly and fit your body like a snug, but soft, old t-shirt. It is not necessarily cushy but definitely soft and moldable.

How does it feel on your shoulders?
Not at all diggy. Supportive. Strong. I wrapped my 13 mo in a BWCC for about 30 minutes. Then the 3 mo baby that I nanny needed to go up, too. I grabbed another wrap and threaded it through the shoulders of Rosetta and tied up the newborn. They both fell asleep for about an hour! My shoulders honestly did not hurt at all the whole hour and a half supporting 30 lbs! Despite being thinner, this wrap is strong!

How much diagonal stretch does the wrap have?
It felt very stretchy to me.

How supportive did you find it in a single layer carry?
For my big guy, not supportive enough. For the newborn, just fine!

How supportive did you find it in a double layer carry?
Very supportive. As I stated above, it survived my hour and a half of tandem-ing!

Can you compare this wrap to another wrap already on the market?
I thought it was pretty similar to Fumus Burgunde.

Who do you think this wrap would best be geared to?
This would be a great wrap for all babywearers because it was very easy to wrap with! I’d say that because of it’s stretch it is more geared towards babies, but with double layer carries it can bring babywearers and babies into toddlerhood as well.

Would you recommend this wrap to a friend? Why? What did you love about it?
I would most definitely recommend this wrap to a friend. In fact, I don’t think I am ever giving this wrap back! ;) It. Is. Just. Gorgeous. The color and shine are truly hard to capture in photos. The contrasting blue and white colors make this the perfect jeans and a t-shirt wrap, but the classiness of the silk brings the fancy-factor up a few notches. It can really be dressed up or dressed down. Aesthetics aside, the wrapping qualities are phenomenal. Incredibly silky smooth and moldable. So easy to work with. And did I mention surprisingly strong and supportive? I just love this wrap.

Please tell us a little more about yourself:
I have only been babywearing for a year. I started with my son, Cameron the day we came home from the hospital. I am a SAHM mom so I wear VERY often. I also nanny for two other babies. Another toddler and a squish. So someone is always strapped to me. I would say I’ve probably sampled around 40-50 wraps. I’ve just fallen in love with the whole world. Down the rabbit hole I go!


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